Sports Journalist Killed in Car Crash with Illegal Immigrant

police line do not crossGustavo Castillo Gutierrez was charged Tuesday for causing a car crash in Oklahoma City that killed local sports journalist Bob Barry Jr.

The fatal crash occurred on Saturday. According to police, Barry was on his motorcycle in the left lane on May Ave., near Memorial, when Gutierrez was driving in the right lane. Police say Gutierrez made an illegal U-turn in front of Barry, and Barry was thrown from the motorcycle after crashing into Gutierrez’s car.

Gutierrez had been deported three times prior to the crash and was driving a car that was not his.

A police report states Gutierrez told officers he was trying to turn when he hit Barry. Gutierrez refused to go to the hospital, but he was taken there anyway, and doctors did draw his blood for a blood test and officers did find a packet of white powder in his wallet that tested positive for cocaine.

If he tests positive for cocaine, his charges could be upped from causing a death while driving without a license (still a felony) to manslaughter.