Scott Walker’s Latest: Talks Tough On Immigration

GOP Presidential aspirant Scott Walker must have read the latest polls on American’s attitudes toward the massive amount of illegal immigration and decided to campaign against amnesty and for enforcement.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening, Walker showed he’s grown leaps and bounds on the issue of illegal immigration—and the effect it has on the economy—saying for the first time he’s going to stand up for American workers against corporate interests lobbying for a massive increase in cheap foreign workers.

Hannity mentioned previous criticisms of Walker on immigration before asking him about his border trip with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“I went to Texas to the border with Governor Greg Abbott who offered,” Walker responded. “I’m going to go back to Arizona and New Mexico and maybe to California with local and state officials there as well, but in Texas in particular Greg Abbott showed me with the men and women on the ground from the local level to the state level to even some of the fine men and women who work for the federal government and they show that we’re just being overrun, that this is an issue of safety, of security, national security, it’s ultimately an issue of sovereignty.”

“If the United States was being attacked in one of our water ports on the East or West Coast, we’d be sending in our military forces, and yet we’re facing some of the same challenges with international criminal organizations, the cartels that are trafficking not only drugs but weapons and humans and we need to step up and be aggressive,” he explained. “That means securing the border with infrastructure, with technology, with personnel and the federal government’s got to lead the way. We can’t expect the border states to do this alone. The federal government needs to step up and act.”

Scott Walker’s position on illegal immigration is still up for debate. A Wall Street Journal report a few weeks ago seemed to indicate he was rhetorically opposing Obama’s amnesty while secretly reassuring big donors of his pro-amnesty bone fides.