REPORT ENCLOSED: Underfunding of Immigration Courts Undermines Justice

UnknownAmong many longstanding problems plaguing the U.S. immigration system is the shortage of immigration judges. Over the past decade, Congress has increased immigration enforcement funding exponentially, yet has not provided the immigration courts commensurate funding to handle the hundreds of thousands of new removal cases they receive each year. The resulting backlog has led to average hearing delays of over a year and a half, with serious adverse consequences. Backlogs and delays benefit neither immigrants nor the government—keeping those with valid claims in limbo and often in detention, delaying removal of those without valid claims, and calling into question the integrity of the immigration justice system.

The report posted below was published by the American Immigration Council, a pro-illegal group that makes some very good points about the failure of the judicial system, Congress and the Administration to adequately address the situation we are in right now regarding the backlog of cases.

Fact Sheet – Immigration Court Backlogs Final-3