Remembering Iowa’s Sarah Root, 21-Year-Old Killed By Illegal Alien

Representative Steve King

Dear Friend,

Parents should never experience the heartbreak of burying their child, but President Obama’s commitment to lawless immigration policy is making that tragedy the new normal.

In the push for amnesty for criminals, the president has ignored the price paid by victims. Now the victims are having their say. Recently both Michelle and Scott Root testified before Congress to explain how their young, beautiful daughter was killed at the hands of a criminal alien.

Sarah Root was a 21 year-old girl from Iowa who had just graduated from Bellvue University with a 4.0 and a degree in crime investigation. She had the entire world ahead of her, but her life was abruptly ended by 19 year-old Eswin Mejia, an illegal immigrant.

Mejia slammed into the back of Sarah’s vehicle while drag racing with a blood alcohol content three times the .08 legal limit, killing her. Unfortunately, he never should have been on that road in the first place and in fact, he had previously encountered law enforcement but was released back onto the Nebraska streets without punishment. Following the crash, Mejia was once again arrested but after only five days in jail, he was released by Judge Jeffrey Marcuzzo on a mere $5,000 bail, less than it cost to bury Sarah according to her father Scott.

You can find the full story of Sarah’s legacy in the article I wrote, Exclusive — Steve King: Remembering Iowa’s Sarah Root, 21-Year-Old Killed By Illegal Alien. I assure you I will not stop fighting for justice for Sarah Root but until then, please join me in continued prayer for her family and for the families of all victims of these criminals.

This week, the Task Force on Executive Overreach I chair held a hearing to examine the rise of unaccountable federal regulatory agencies. Over the past several decades, federal regulatory agencies have grown dramatically both in power and size. While the federal bureaucracy is largely unaccountable to the American people, its actions have significant implications for our nation and economy.

One of the most recent examples of such action which we discussed at the hearing is the egregious guidance issued by the Department of Education and the Justice Department claiming all public schools will lose federal funding if they don’t let anatomical boys use facilities formerly reserved for anatomical girls. This “guidance” goes far beyond what Title IX actually requires and while technically not binding, it nevertheless tells Americans how their federal regulatory overlords are interpreting the law. Furthermore, it demands Americans comply immediately with edicts they had no say or risk enforcement against them brought by those same agencies.

More than one-third of major federal rules have been promulgated without prior notice and comment by the public, which deprives the American people of any opportunity to weigh in on how new, controversial regulations might hurt them.These unorthodox practices have led to legal uncertainty, and it must come to end.

Steve King
Member of Congress

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