Polls show most voters will oppose what the House Dems proposed today

Eight Plots to Undermine Americans on Immigration
Roy Beck – NumbersUSA — Didn’t hear much about lifetime work permits for tens of millions of foreign citizens today in the press conference of House Democratic leaders introducing their comprehensive immigration reform bill.

I think they may have seen internal polls that show the same thing found in dozens of polls that we have conducted this year:

When asked specifically about giving work permits to illegal aliens or millions more legal immigrants (the heart of the Democratic bill), American voters overwhelmingly oppose.

We heard repeatedly from the bill sponsors that the farmers and the business owners who hire foreign labor have magnanimously come to agreement with groups representing the foreign laborers to support the latest gigantic Democratic foreign-worker-importation legislation.

But a reporter temporarily got the press conference off-track by asking the Democrats if anybody in their party was opposed to the bill adding so many foreign workers at a time of such high unemployment among Americans.

Several U.S. Representatives took the microphone… [Read More]