PC Thugs Bench Cheerleader for Tweet About Illegals

Caley Godino was a cheerleader for her high school in Revere, MA until she crossed the politically-correct thugs who run the public school system.cheerleader banned tweet

Godino responded to a message from her civics teacher about lack of participation in local elections with with the observation that:

“When only 10 percent of Revere votes for mayor cause the other 90 percent isn’t legal,”

This decidedly un-PC opinion,while perhaps exaggerated is not entirely inaccurate, was brought to the attention of the school superintendent it was deemed “hate speech” and this threat to the community was banned from cheerleading for the rest of the year.

But after other students complained, the school stepped in. Revere Superintendent Dianne Kelly says the district believes in freedom of speech, but cannot support what she calls insensitive language.

So pointing out the massive number of illegal aliens in the country is now “insensitive language” and worthy of punishment according to PC thug Kelly.  It will get worse since:

Because of this controversy, the school is now creating a group of teachers and students to come up with a curriculum about diversity and acceptance.

No doubt this new curriculum will demand complete obedience to the politically correct agenda and punish dissenters to the fullest extent possible.