Pat Buchanan predicts ‘executive amnesty will not be repealed in this Congress’

Breitbart — Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan predicted “executive amnesty will not be repealed in this Congress” on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“We know how this ends, the Republican Party is going to put up a fight, it’s going to pass something halting executive amnesty on that Homeland Security bill, it’ll go the Senate, there’ll be a fight, it may not get through the Senate. If it get[s] through the Senate and goes to the president, it will be vetoed, and the Republican Party is not going to shut down the Department of Homeland Security. So, the Department of Homeland Security’s going to go forward and the executive amnesty will not be repealed in this Congress, that’s my prediction” Buchanan stated.

He further predicted that the 2016 election would be about “the middle class and it is going to be about the fact that wages haven’t been rising and what has happened to the American Dream and who can bring it back.”

Buchanan also said that the 2016 race is “wide open … if you have an agenda, if you have something the American people are interested in, if you can reach the middle class, and the working class folks, and the populist folks, and the people who believe in traditional values, you can articulate an agenda that is credible, and you can go out there and defend it passionately, you can break through in these primaries.” And “to the degree that the donor class controls the part, it’s going to lose its fire in its base and it’s real passion and energy.”