PA Dad Fends Off Illegal Who Tried to Kidnap His 8 Year Old Girl

A Pennsylvania dad chased off a Guatemalan illegal alien who tried to lure his 8 year old daughter into his van and then exposed himself to her.

Juan Perez-Juarez is now in custody on charges of child luring, indecent exposure and numerous traffic charges.  Juarez fled the scene after the 8 year old’s father chased him and he crashed his van into a pole.  He fled that scene and ended up in another accident where he received minor injuries.

Juan Perez-Juarez, 22, a Guatemalan immigrant in the country illegally, approached an 8-year-old girl outside her house on Claridge Road in Bensalem around noon and attempted to lure her into his vehicle, police said.

When the child told Perez-Juarez that she was not allowed to go with him, he got out of the vehicle, exposed himself, and began urinating on the street, police said.

If it follows the script of other illegal alien predators, Juarez can expect to be charter flown out of the country and return with amnesty in a short while.