Oregonians to vote on driving cards for immigrants

AP — For a time last year, Oregon was on the road to giving driving privileges to people living in the country illegally until a small anti-immigrant group decided to put the state’s love affair with ballot measures to use against the law. Oregonians for Immigration Reform rounded up just enough signatures — about 150 more than it needed — to stop the law in its tracks before the state even handed out the first license, and put the measure before voters in November. It will be the first time that voters in any state will weigh in on the driver’s license issue. “People just can’t pick and choose which laws they want to obey,” said Jim Ludwick, founder and president of a group which believes legal and illegal immigration heightens unemployment, crime and terrorist activity. It’s hard to gauge voters’ opinions on the law because there has been no polling on a measure that seems more conservative Arizona than progressive Oregon. [Read More]