On the street: Mass deportations?

(Daily Record, The (Wooster, OH))

People in Wayne and Holmes counties were asked: Should there be mass deportations of illegal immigrants?

“I do believe that we need a (border) wall. We need to enforce existing legislation and we always want to encourage legal immigration. But as to mass deportations, I’d say no. It’s too emotional (an issue). It’s too problematic.”

Russ Yoder, Wooster

“I think that Wooster should know that there are a lot of complex problems in immigration that people are unaware of. People should educate themselves about the immigrant experience and reasons why immigrants come to the U.S. I don’t think there should be mass deportations of undocumented people, unless they are involved in criminal activity.”

Elisia Campos, College of Wooster

“No. If they are working and they have a job and they are paying a mortgage they should be allowed to stay and work it out. They should be naturalized. If they are not working and they are on welfare and we are paying for them to do everything we have to pay for, they need to go back and do it the legal way.”

Becky Cox, Wooster

“Yes. I think they should deport all illegals because they’re messing up our economy.”

Pat Johnson, Massillon