Obama to hold Telemundo townhall on immigration

Breitbart — As the funding deadline for the Department of Homeland Security approaches, President Obama plans to go after Republicans directly for trying to use the fight to block his executive actions on immigration reform.

The White House announced a town hall meeting on immigration together with MSNBC’s Latino host José Díaz-Balart and the Spanish language news network Telemundo.

“We’ve chosen this town hall forum because the president has a desire to engage in a genuine conversation about issues important to the community,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, as he announced the event. The televised event will also provide Obama a platform to reach Latinos across the country.

The event will be held next Wednesday in Miami, to highlight the state’s immigration community. That’s two days before the funding deadline for DHS.

The White House decision to highlight Obama’s actions on immigration is the latest effort to overcome a setback to his plans after a Federal District Court in Texas put his amnesty plan on hold. The administration says it will appeal the decision to a higher court.

Members of the Obama administration say it’s important to fund the Department of Homeland Security. But Senate Democrats have refused to allow a House-passed DHS funding bill that blocks amnesty to come to the floor for consideration.