Obama judge: Cut illegals loose

An Obama federal judge has ruled illegal aliens have access to the same civil protections as legitimate American citizens.

The bizarre ruling is based on nothing more than the judge’s feeling that the asylum system takes too long and that illegals are likely to become legal soon thanks to President Obama’s recently amnesty executive order:

The migrants “may have legitimate claims to asylum … [and] their presence here may become permanent … [so] that they are entitled to the protection of the Due Process Clause, especially when it comes to deprivations of liberty,” said the judge, who was nominated by President Barack Obama.

Under current rules, border-crossers who are released are also allowed to compete against Americans for jobs, and to attend U.S. schools and to receive welfare, until their cases are decided by immigration judges.

Of course, the clogged asylum courts are due to the massive number of illegals pouring over the border. And there would be no reasonable expectation of amnesty if President Obama hadn’t illegally granted it through an executive action:

The judge’s decision requires border officers to go through a lengthy legal process if they want to keep a border-crosser in jail while a judge decides if the illegal is repatriated or put on a path to citizenship,” the judge declared.

Thanks to this Obama judge, even keeping border hopper in custody will require a lengthy and costly legal battle:

The anti-jailing decision increases the already huge incentive for millions of foreigners to fly, sail, walk or drive across the U.S. border, and then claim asylum from foreign criminal gangs, political oppression or domestic abuse. In March 2013, Gallup reported that at least 138 million foreigners want to migrate into the United States.

Again, Obama’s agenda, through his illegal executive amnesty and through the ridiculous decision of his hand-picked judge make the crisis at the border worse.