NumbersUSA to run immigration reduction ad during Fox News debate

During tonight’s GOP primary debate on Fox News, immigration reduction group NumbersUSA will run an ad encouraging viewers to see immigration as a question of “numbers”:

“We are glad that candidates are beginning to address various problems of our immigration policies, but our ad seeks to remind presidential hopefuls and voters that the overwhelming issue is that our government will admit another one million immigrants into the United States this year alone,” NumbersUSA President Roy Beck said Wednesday.

In addition to promoting immigration reduction, NumbersUSA is also encouraging viewers to learn more about the immigration stances of the 21 Republican and Democratic presidential candidates and how those policies would affect American jobs and wages.

The group has a scorecard grading each candidate on how well their immigration stances protect American workers.

“All American wage-earners and their families are potentially affected by the fact that every one of those million new immigrants each year gets a life-time work authorization to compete for jobs despite persistent wage stagnation and 17 million Americans who are still unemployed or underemployed,” Beck added.

Watch the ad below: