Jim Gilchrist Commentary

Dear America,

The Larry Hopkins “situation” is the consequence of America’s state and federal governments that have recklessly refused to enforce US immigration laws.

Many mayors, governors, and members of Congress want to give voting rights to felons, and illegal aliens, so why not also allow felons to own and carry firearms?

Although I think Larry M. Hopkins should have conducted his border protection operations without violating any laws, I have to give him my support for standing his ground insofar as conducting border protection operations.

Without the attention drawn to the illegal alien invasion, now numbering over 30 million strong, by patriotic volunteers like Larry Hopkins, very few in government authority would have noticed that the USA has been under a constant and incremental invasion for over 40 years.

Larry Hopkins is not an evil man. He is simply the consequence of a nation that no longer heralds itself as “a nation of laws.”

When will the illegal alien invasion stop? When “300 million” illegal aliens have taken up housekeeping on US territory in blatant defiance of US laws? When “500 million” more invade our country?

At that point, the USA will no longer be a united country, but a very segregated country with mutual hostility among the various sects of unassimilated residents who will literally battle over religion, language, customs, ethnicity, etc.

English will be a secondary language…and the U.S. Constitution will become a secondary or lesser framework of the law.

Mr Hopkins is no criminal. He is a 21st century Minuteman trying to do his best to save his country.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
-a multiethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group-