New Mexicans Can’t Fly Thanks to Illegals

If you want to take a flight and you are from the state of New Mexico, bring your U.S. passport because your state issued ID will no longer get you on the plane.

New Mexico is one of a handful of states that insist on issuing unrestricted drivers licenses to illegal aliens and now the strictures of the Real ID act are finally starting to mexico car license

The federal Department of Homeland Security informed state officials last week that a two-year effort to reconcile tough federal ID requirements with the granting of licenses to illegal immigrants based on dubious documents failed. Beginning on Jan. 10, state driver’s licenses will no longer be accepted at federal facilities, and eventually, state IDs won’t be enough to get bearers on board commercial flights.

New Mexico began issuing unrestricted ID’s to anyone, even those with so-called Matricular Consular card issued by Mexican consulates, as an official form of identification as far back as 2003 under former Governor Bill Richardson.

Despite repeated attempts to change the policy, state lawmakers have refused.

“With this letter, the feds are saying that they are fed up that the Legislature continues to allow the dangerous practice of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants,” said Demesia Padilla, secretary of the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue. “An overwhelming majority of New Mexicans have been very clear on this issue, and the Legislature should start listening to them before it begins to affect the daily lives of New Mexicans.”

Thanks to this kowtowing to illegal aliens:

The feds have granted New Mexico two years’ worth of extensions to comply with the REAL ID Act, but has denied any further delay. The federal crackdown will extend to military bases and federal facilities such as courts, but the aspect likely to have the widest effect is air travel. Without a new solution in the coming months, New Mexico residents will likely be forced to show passports in order to board even domestic flights.

So now, law abiding citizens of the state of New Mexico will be paying the price for the millions of illegal aliens who broke the law to cross the border and continue to thumb their noses at authorities.