Mother involved in wreck with illegal driver speaks out

Tricia Bracho is a single mother living in Arizona who was hit head-on by an illegal alien driving under the influence of marijuana. Bracho recently told a local news affiliate in Phoenix that she’s furious that the man who hit her was even in the country to begin with:

The single mother of two who lives in Maricopa, just south of Phoenix, was hit head on by a car driven by an illegal immigrant on July 4. Like so many stories of late, the perp in this case should not have been in the country. Manuel Perez-Vasquez, a 29 year-old illegal, has been deported six times since May 2012 and was high on marijuana while driving.

Bracho said she was just three miles from home with her one year-old daughter and four year-old son when she tried to avoid Perez-Vasquez’s erratic driving. Unable to, her car was hit and she and her children were airlifted to the hospital for treatment. Bracho told ABC 15 that she is furious Perez-Vasquez was even in the country.

“And the fact that he has been here six times, and has left the country and come back, and has committed felonies in the process, and is able to do so up until this point, it outrages me. I mean my kids, we could have been killed.”

This is the latest in a series of stories showing violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants, something Congress will examine this week.

Bracho cannot afford her medical bills or to replace her car. She’s set up a crowd funding campaign, which you can donate to here.