More proof that Obama prefers communists


This isn’t about immigration, it’s about the mindset of the Administration. By looking at how Obama respects communist and other totalitarian nations, we see the contempt he has for the rule of law and American exceptionalism. In an occasion series on sovereignty, we bring you this story from the South China Sea. 

China is using its artificial islands to claim 12-mile territorial rights which would prevent other nations from entering its waters without permission. This is seen as a protectionist measure to prevent other manufacturing nations in the region from having access to the South China Sea, a strategic waterway used to transport $5 trillion annually in goods, including $1.2 trillion in trade to us here in the United States.

Obama, naturally, is all about protecting China and her interests. He has instructed the U.S. Pacific Command to honor the 12-mile limit, which sends a clear message to Beijing that he is cool with its illegal claims over the vital seaway. It was enough to wake up John McCain.

 “The administration has continued to restrict our Navy ships from operating within 12 nautical miles of China’s reclaimed islands,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) said in opening remarks at a Congressional hearing criticizing the failure to guarantee safe passage for international commercial ships in Asia.

China is getting cockier and cockier, confident that Obama is a push over. Remember when he went to Alaska a couple of weeks ago? Five Chinese naval vessels entered U.S. territorial waters, coming within 12 miles of the coastline, just to send him a message.

However, it seems that pressure form the Pentagon is being heard in the White House. There are some signs that the United States might send naval ships and aircraft to the South China Sea to send a warning to China.

What do you think?