Minuteman Project leader Jim Gilchrist chastises the nation’s multi-billionaires for proliferating the illegal alien immigration crisis

Dear Readers,

I just read how some notorious billionaires are trying to insult the American public by essentially encouraging Congress to grant endless amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States.

As far as billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Sheldon Adelson, whose combined wealth is over $180 billion, it is quite easy to assume the position of acquiescence in matters so critical to the domestic tranquility of the rest of us lower-class members of society.  When you have uncounted billions of dollars surrounding you, you can never see the real picture or the dire consequences the rest of us have to bear.

The Republicans are doing the right thing by holding this nation accountable to the rule of law.

The Democrats, in keeping with a decades-long tradition, want to usurp the rule of law governing our immigration policies by granting carte blanche amnesty to whoever wants to migrate to the USA on a whim.  That is called lawlessness, a consequence to any nation that panders to mob rule…that mob being the approximately 30 million unlawful aliens currently occupying US territory.  With amnesty comes eventual voting rights for those former illegal aliens who will most certainly march in step with the Democratic Party.  Since when is it “democratic” to usurp the rules of law for the sole purpose of filling the ballot box with sympathetic voters?  Gee…I wonder how many of those millions of newly anointed voters will have ever fought wars for this country, or paid substantial taxes to our treasury, like so many real Americans have done.  Few…very few…if any at all.

The only blame I have for the Republicans is that some of their party-goers have been instrumental in creating the lawless immigration chaos that has literally transformed the United States into a hodgepodge of mutually acrimonious enclaves of peoples segregated by race, color, creed, culture, and religion.

The only fair solution to this crisis, that is destined to blaze the pathway to the demise of our nation as a unified and civilized society, is to enforce immigration laws to the letter of the law, including the deportation of the millions illegally here.  Any less would be to herald the United States as a nation that has no reliable rules of law.  That is an open invitation to anarchy and the mayhem and violence that will soon follow.

Just because the United States has been the most powerful and civilized nation in history does not guarantee that it will remain that way if there is no longer any respect for the rule of law.  Case in point:  the former empires of France, Spain, England, Germany, China, Japan, Russia, Italy and many others from the distant past that collapsed under the anarchy resulting from invasions from outside of their empires.

Congress and the Administration should be truthful with the electorate and honestly tell us, point blank, that we are no longer a nation of laws…that we have been repeatedly lied to…and that we have now entered the “anarchy age” where all rules of law and codes of conduct apply only to those foolish and naive enough to obey them.

Welcome to the new America, my fellow Americans.


Jim Gilchrist

Founder and President

The Minuteman Project