Minuteman Project Founder Comments on Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech

Donald Trump addressed every major element of concern by American voters at the GOP presidential convention in Cleveland last night.  I have never heard such an eloquent and detailed speech by any presidential candidate.  Trump’s speech was delivered in language all of us could understand…from both the intellectual, and the ignorant, global elitists…to the lesser educated, but more realistic middle and lower economic classes.
While Hillary Clinton may appear to some to have the election “locked up” in her favor, I predict the Trump Train will roll over her campaign and right into the White House by November.
Ever since I first endorsed Donald Trump for president back on July first of last year, I have seen him incrementally bring to the forefront every critical issue threatening the domestic tranquility of our country.
On the contrary, the Clinton/Obama establishment has done nothing but pit race against race, criminals against police officers and the public they protect, and essentially given a carte blanc reason for ISIS to wreak havoc around the world.
True brilliance is simplicity, not complication.  Likewise, a gigantic, intimidating government that mandates a myriad of senseless, prescribed notions, or acquiesces to weak and ineffective solutions for serious issues, only compounds social, political and economic problems to the point where Americans no longer recognize or trust governing bodies and the people who manage them.
To achieve change, one must cause change.
Change does not mean the world must first come to an end. Stock markets will still trade.  Commerce will continue to function productively.  Schools, courts, churches, and city halls will remain open for business as usual.
A positive change in the way the United States is managed is the goal of the Trump Train and its supporters.  And that is what makes Donald Trump stand out like a jewel among the rubbish when it comes to political governors.
Sincerely Yours,
Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
-a multiethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group-
Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project