McConnell won’t explain why he voted ‘no’ on Cruz’s amnesty point of order

BREITBART — Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) won’t explain why he voted against Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) constitutional point of order on President Obama’s executive amnesty, telling reporters the vote is old news.

“I’m not going to go back and rehash the events of the last few days. You all have all written about them, you know exactly what happened over the weekend. We are where we are and I’m hoping we’ll wrap it up today or tomorrow,” McConnell said.

Sens. Cruz and Mike Lee’s (R-UT) effort to get a vote on executive amnesty resulted in a rare weekend Senate session and a lot of grumbling from their own Republican colleagues, who said that the maneuvering allowed outgoing Majority Leader Harry Reid to advance more Obama nominees.

Cruz’s point of order was ultimately defeated 22-74 with 20 Republicans, including Sen. McConnell, voting against the challenge to Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

In addition to refusing to offer more insights about his vote, McConnell Tuesday did not address the criticism leveled against Cruz and Lee.

“I’d rather just look forward,” he said. “We’re all familiar, I think, all of you are quite familiar with the events of the last few days and I really don’t have anything to add.”

The incoming majority leader noted that the first thing on the Senate’s agenda next year will be the Keystone Pipeline and addressed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s announcement that he is “actively” exploring the possibility of running for president.

“I always tell all of the candidates for president that the best day they’ll have will be the day before they announce. There isn’t anything harder than running for president unless its being in combat, being shot at with real bullets. So I wish them all well,” McConnell said, adding that he is optimistic about the GOP’s chances in 2016.