The Minuteman Project is standing by with covert observers who, disguised as ANTIFA and/or BLM members, will be armed with hidden body cameras and open-carry cameras just waiting to film and record any violent thugs as they commit felonies.

My wise suggestion to the ANTIFA/BLM gangs: Look to your comrade on your left and on your right. Possibly one of them is a Minuteman or Minutewoman just waiting to document your criminal activity.

To spare yourselves a handcuffed tour of the local jail, an expensive bail cost, and even more expensive court/fine/prosecution costs, as well as prison time (did I say felonies?), please conduct yourselves in a responsible manner.

That means NO throwing containers of urine, rocks, bottles, spears, or any other missiles at ralliers or police officers. Also, do not damage any property or set any fires.

Certainly, all of us have the “irrevocable” right to peaceful freedom of speech and assembly, including the ANTIFA/BLM hordes. But, as soon as you violate the sacred concept of “peaceful” assembly, then you legally forfeit your rights to assemble.

The Minuteman Project will be with you, ANTIFA and BLM…literally embedded within your ranks…looking like you…chanting like you…and taking video and audio recordings of your actions. Commit a crime, and you will be arrested and prosecuted based on those recordings. You won’t be the first violent anti-free speech criminals we have observed for arrest. And you will not be the last.

ANTIFA, BLM, and similar narrow-minded hateful bigots, you have been warned. All that is asked of you is that whatever you do, please stay within the rule of law…like the rest of us

Finally, I commend America’s law enforcement organizations for preserving America as a civilized society where the rule of law trumps mob rule and bloodshed. Carry on, officers.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
-a multiethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group-