Jerry Brown’s Motor Voter Act basically gives illegals the vote

On October 10th, (a Saturday when people were distracted), California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1461, the New Motor Voter Act, which automatically registers people to vote through the DMV. In a state full of illegal aliens, this is going to result in many of them voting.

According to Breitbart, Any person who renewed or secured a driver’s license through the DMV may now register to vote, or choose to opt out of doing so. Because illegal immigrants are now eligible for obtaining driver’s licenses, they could be allowed to vote in elections if the Secretary of State’s office fails to verify their eligibility properly.

Brown and the California Democratic party know exactly what they are doing; as a Public Policy Institute survey showed, among unregistered adults, 49% lean toward the Democratic Party and 22% toward the Republican Party. Any bill permitting illegal immigrants to vote would cement the Democratic Party’s hold on California.