Jeb Bush says he’ll persuade GOP on immigration

Sort-of presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke out on immigration and how he sees his candidacy in relation to the party’s nods towards immigration control and border security.

“A candidate gets to persuade,” Bush said to Miami’s NBC 6. “I think there’s a compelling case that if we want to be young and dynamic again, we have to make legal immigration easier than illegal immigration, that we control our borders, enforce the laws. But that we embrace our immigrant heritage and allow our country to take off. You gotta do both.”

“You gotta protect the borders, enforce the law, be respectful of the rule of law, and at the same time be able to encourage young aspirational people to come to our county,” Bush said. “It’s a win-win. I have no problems advancing that idea.”

Asked about it’s deep unpopularity again with the party base, Bush added “well we’ll see. If I run, we’ll see.”

Bush’s well known pro-amnesty position is expected to be a major obstacle on the road to the GOP nomination. If he decides to pick a fight over amnesty and illegal immigration in general, immigration patriots will make the road toward a third Bush in the White House a rough one.