Is Immigration More About the Money Than Christian Principle?

Is Immigration More About the Money Than Christian Principle
Christian Post — In a town hall meeting in Kansas City, Kansas last August, U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins was addressed by Rev. Jason Schoff of Mission Adelante about his “concern about the human condition with the immigration piece” of the bill. He added, “We’ve got to secure the borders, but we’ve also got to make sure that somehow we’re taking care of those that are humans and immigrants here and try to give them a way to not fear deportation… A lot of businesses need them.” In the midst of boos and loud voices of disagreement, it was clear that the Rev. Schoff revealed that his concern was at least equally-balanced with the business interests of the area. His last statement provoked the vocal crowd to tell him to “Sit down!”

In the movie “Jerry McGuire” the one single phrase that became a classic quip was “Show Me the Money!” Today, a new batch of apparent beneficiaries have now become activists in the great political debate on illegal immigration law and policy that are using their positions of trust to manipulate public opinion in favor of gratifying another wave: the gospel preachers. Although public opinion polls consistently rank the immigration issue towards the lower rankings of issues Americans are deeply concerned about today, increasing numbers of pastors have sought to make the unfortunate plight of the illegal immigrant the civil rights issue of the day. The question is “Why?”

Are your motives pure, or are they result of circumstances stemming from the acts of illegal activity? If the latter is the case, then what moral right do you have to influence the power of government to force the law-abiding citizens of America to help clean up the mess you and your “persons of high influence” made by making it acceptable to break our immigration and labor laws in the first place? As the apostle Paul shared with Timothy, it obviously is the love of money that can seduce even the most devout leaders of the Christian faith. Are Christian leaders being influenced by the big business/cheap labor lobby… [Read More]