Infographic: Where illegals work in the U.S.

Ever wonder where most illegal immigrants in the U.S. are working? The Pew Research Center has summed up their estimates in two handy infographics.

While more illegal workers hold fewer blue-collar jobs and more white-collar jobs than they did before the Great Recession, the majority still work in low-skilled service, construction, and production companies. For example, the service industry is made up of 33 percent illegal immigrants, compared to 17 percent of U.S.-born workers:


Overall, the number of illegals in management or professional related jobs grew by 180,000 (from 10 percent in 2007 to 13 percent in 2012), while the number in construction or production jobs fell by 475,000 (from 34 percent in 2007 to 29 percent in 2012). According to Pew, illegal immigrants made up 5.1 percent of the nation’s labor workforce in 2012.

The following occupations had the highest shares of illegals in 2012:


H/T: The Washington Examiner