Illegals Whine About Being Profiled in LA Prisons

LA County sheriff Jim McDonnell is under fire from illegal alien activists for his office’s compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers who seek out illegal alien criminals held in his jail.McDonnell-Sheriff-Official-Portrait

Whining illegal alien activists call ICE agents doing their job in prisons “profiling” because the agents seek out only those who may be in the country illegally.

Activist immigration groups are firing racial profiling allegations against Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell over a program billed as a balance between public safety and the “immigrant community” that allows U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to screen specified jail inmates.

Illegal alien activists have hurled accusations of potential racial profiling against the newly installed Priority Enforcement Program (PEP) and its administrators.

McDonnell defended the program to NBC 4, “None of us want somebody released back into the community who’s going to continue to reoffend with violent crimes or serious crimes. We want to be able to use all the tools available to us to deal with that.”

Sheriff McDonnell then pointed out California laws that forced the early release of prisoners and decriminalized many felony drug crimes as having a huge impact on crime rates in the state.

Sheriff McDonnell and his department are under fire even though they have been exceedingly lenient toward illegal alien criminals in the past

The Sheriff’s Department released Q&A describing the department’s policies regarding PEP and illegal immigrant inmates. Concern #9 reads, “During the ICE screening process, Agents will racially profile inmates and will only talk to inmates who look like they are in the United States illegally.” The “FACT” response reads:

The ICE screening process of inmates in the release area and in the County Jails consists of computerized database screening and is not race-based. ICE Agents screen all inmates scheduled for release. ICE determines if an individual has a high likelihood of being in the United States illegally. Once that initial screening is concluded, Agents will determine if the inmate meets a PEP priority category and has a qualified conviction under the California Trust Act. The Department will then verify that the inmate’s conviction is listed in the Trust Act. Only after all of the above steps are completed can an ICE interview occur, followed by the possibility of an ICE detainer. These procedures are more limiting than the net cast by the PEP and ensure that enforcement of the PEP is consistent with California State law.

Concern #7 reads, “The Sheriff’s Department will hold individuals beyond their date of release if ICE makes a request to detain them for possible deportation.” However, as in the case of confessed killer of Kate Steinle before his release, the department makes no promise to honor ICE detainer requests. “No individual will be detained beyond his or her date of release regardless of whether or not there is a valid ICE detainer.”

Illegal alien activists want illegal alien criminals on the streets despite the fact Americans are being victimized by these ruthless criminals on a daily basis.  Whining about profiling is just another way to put more of these bloodthirsty thugs back onto our streets.