Illegals Protest Not Getting Amnesty

Illegal aliens spent the day President Obama had promised to grant amnesty to millions of them protesting their inability to get a free pass for their crimes thanks to a federal judge in Texas.

On Tuesday, protesters said that the day was supposed to let them “come out of shadows” and not be fearful of deportation anymore. Many of them said that there is a strong feeling of “disappointment” among the Latino community for not being able to apply for the presidential immigration program.

Apparently, many of these illegals did not have a job to go to and instead could spend the day harassing American public servants for more benefits.

In Texas, dozens of protesters even went to the governor’s home to express their discontent with the lawsuit filed by the state late last year, which led to the temporary injunction that put millions of them in uncertainty.

Illegals all over the country spent the day venting their anger at not being allowed to ignore the law in the country they illegally invaded.

Thirty more protests were expected across the country on the DAPA national day of action. Immigrants want their voices to be heard on what they are facing in their everyday life because of their illegal status.

The amazing thing is: they can get themselves to protests all over the country but they can’t get themselves back to their home country and apply for a legal visa.