Illegals Complain About Free Flat Screens and Internet Access

Illegal immigrants gathered to complain about detention facilities they were held in after illegally sneaking across the border saying their children were “depressed” after months-long stays.

Galeano, who entered the country illegally last November and was detained for more than five months, said the children are unaccustomed to being restricted to the facility and have trouble with the more rigid eating and schooling schedules. She said the food, such as reheated vegetables and chicken mixed with pineapple and oranges, is also foreign to them.

For refugees supposedly forced to flee unliveable terror, violence and poverty, they have some low standards when it comes to prison living.

Last September, ICE provided a tour of the facility, which is run by national prison operator GEO Group. Immigrant children were seen playing kickball and sitting in classrooms as they were read stories in Spanish. Officials have defended the facility before, noting that the children get daily schooling and outside play time and that residents are free to use the Internet, flat-screen televisions and a hair salon — all while their cases are processed through the courts.

Several illegals have gone on hunger strikes to protest their incarceration.

10 women have begun a second protest in the facility, refusing any scheduled activities and eating one meal a day to bring attention to their prolonged detainment.

Nice of them to choke down only one disgusting free meal a day in the name of protest.  Perhaps they would be happier if a celebrity chef could create some tastier free meals while they are held.