Illegal aliens lose first round in birth certificate fight

VSU Header(2)A federal judge signed an order on Friday that denied a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit filed by citizens of Mexico and several Central American nations claiming entitlement to birth certificates for their children born in the United States. They sued the Vital Statistics Unit of the Texas Department of State Health Services saying the agency denied them the certificates because they did not possess the required identification.

As reported by Breitbart Texas in July, the parent plaintiffs of the 23 children claimed that the state of Texas violated their children’s rights because the Fourteenth Amendment provides that any child born on U.S. soil is an American citizen as well as a citizen of the state where they reside. The plaintiffs and their children reside in Texas. La Union del Pueblo Entero, Inc. (“LUPE”) is also a plaintiff in the case. LUPE describes itself as a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the health, education, labor, and civil rights of indigent farm workers and other low-wage workers in the Rio Grande Valley.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released the following statement after a federal judge ruled the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) may continue its policy on the forms of identification accepted before issuing a birth certificate:

“Today’s ruling is an important first step in ensuring the integrity of birth certificates and personal identity information. Before issuing any official documents, it’s important for the state to have a way to accurately verify people are who they say they are through reliable identification mechanisms. We will continue defending DSHS’s policy on safeguarding Texans’ most sensitive information and vital documents.”

Visit Right Wing News for more details. The judge’s ruling:

October 16, 2015 Order Bureau of Vital Statistics Case