Illegal Alien Murder Suspect Released TWICE Thanks to Obama

Immigration and Customs Enforcement bragged this week about deporting an illegal alien wanted for murder in his native Romania.

However, the ICE flack who penned the release buried the lede.

While ICE agents did escort Alin Tomescu back to his home country to face a murder charge, this was not the first time the illegal had been detained by U.S. law enforcement.

He was first detained back in 2010 in Douglas, AZ where he was caught trying to sneak into the country. Thanks to Barack Obama’s catch-and-release program, Tomescu was released on his own recognizance.  Unsurprisingly, he failed to appear for his deportation hearing.

Almost all of the illegals from last summer’s border surge – also “released on an order of recognizance” – gave the finger to the courts and skipped their hearings. A look at nearly two decades of data shows that the vast majority of illegals not detained simply failed to show up. Only people who figure they have a good chance of winning will bother to appear before an immigration court if they’re not compelled to.

Tomescu stayed busy, moving to Virginia and embarking on a criminal career.

In 2014, Tomescu was arrested twice on misdemeanor theft charges in the D.C.-metropolitan area. In December 2014, ERO Washington officers placed a detainer on Tomescu while he was incarcerated at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center so he would enter ICE custody upon his release. He was transferred to ERO Washington’s custody in February 2015.

Arrested twice. However, since the first arrest was before Interpol issued a bulletin on Tomescu and the charges were merely misdemeanors Tomescu skated on the first arrest.  Without the Interpol notice, he would have walked away from the second one too.


ICE did permit Tomescu to come to the United States and commit additional crimes on our soil. And maybe someday we’ll have an administration that lets its functionaries end the sentence after “status” – “Our ERO officers will continue to remove individuals without legal status” – without feeling the need to add the qualifier “who threaten the public safety of our communities.” If they knew which ones were dangerous ahead of time, they’d never have released Tomescu in the first place. And anyway, every illegal alien is deportable at all times, and whenever he comes to the attention of the authorities, he should be repatriated as matter of course, rather than waiting for permission from Interpol.