ICE Managers “Humiliate” Employees for Doing Their Job

US_Immigration_and_Customs_Enforcement_SWATEven before his recent “executive action” to give millions of illegal aliens amnesty, the Obama Administration has been cutting corners and bending the law to assist illegals.

One such way was call “prosecutorial discretion.” Pro-illegal alien officials would simply refuse to prosecute illegals for offenses like DUI or identity fraud as a way to forestall deportation of these now-double criminals.

Now, thanks to a lawsuit by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lawyer, we learn officials mounted campaigns of “humiliation” and “brutal scapegoating” against officials were tried to secure prosecutions for these and other crimes committed by illegal aliens.

“The attorney, Patricia Vroom, made the allegations in a lawsuit filed last month. The lawsuit is getting renewed attention in the wake of President Obama’s executive actions to let potentially millions of illegal immigrants stay in the country and work.

In the suit, Vroom claimed she was rebuked for her “push-back” on a prior effort to drop cases against illegal immigrants with identity theft convictions, and received a low performance rating at the time.

“It was part of an orchestrated, coordinated effort … to purge [the ICE Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, OPLA] of senior Chief Counsel so that much younger, much less experienced, and thus much more impressionable individuals who were beholden to them, could be installed in their place,” the lawsuit alleges. “

Obama’s henchmen at ICE even had a game plan to ensure strict compliance with their version of “prosecutorial discretion.”

“The lawsuit even claims this was boiled down to a “3-point plan”:

“1) threaten to move their position; 2) find out what they liked to do and take it all away, and find out what they did not like to do and load them up with it; and 3) stay on them constantly, never giving them a moment’s peace.”

Vroom alleges she ultimately became a target of this effort, and that one of the factors was a push to “look favorably for prosecutorial discretion” for low-level identity theft cases in Arizona — in other words, be lenient toward illegal immigrants with these convictions.

The suit also describes one discussion in September of this year when Jim Stolley, director of field legal operations, was talking with agency attorneys about “prosecutorial discretion” for “low-level” offenders including old DUI convictions. When some attorneys challenged Stolley, he allegedly said, “We don’t give a s— about that. Let it go.”

It seems Obama’s aversion to enforcing the law goes far beyond his recent unconstitutional “executive action.” Not only does he condone ignoring serious crimes like illegally entering the country but if you try to do your job and enforce the law, you face an organized and vindictive campaign against you and your family.