ICE Has No Idea of the Whereabouts of Illegals They Let Go

Hapless bureaucrats at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have no idea if illegals they’ve caught and then released commit more crimes or even show up for scheduled court appearances.

A new Inspector General report blows the lid off the phony way the Obama Administration is keeping track of illegal aliens it turns loose:

“ICE cannot definitively determine whether the Intensive Supervision Appearance Program has reduced the rate at which aliens, who were once in the program but who are no longer participating, have absconded or been arrested for criminal acts,” the IG’s report said.

On top of that, the agency’s procedures are “not effective in determining which aliens to release or under what conditions,” investigators said.

Basically, Obama’s enforcement scheme for illegals is a complete disaster.

The rate at which immigrants committed a crime or tried to run while being monitored averaged out to about 12 percent each year between 2010 and 2012, the agency said.

But in 2012, ICE changed the way it operates the system, including stopping the monitored release of immigrants deemed a high flight risk, or the release of criminals who’s home countries would not take them back. Record keeping, however, did not keep up with the changes, so law enforcement officials have little info on what parts of the program are working and which aren’t, the IG said.

It’s not surprising Obama isn’t that concerned about enforcing immigration law since he unilaterally abolished most of it with his illegal executive orders.