How Radical Leftists Plan to Turn Illegals Into Political Power

The Daily Caller has obtained a series of Power Point slides showing exactly how a shadowy network of leftist pressure groups plans to convert illegal aliens into legal voters and then into an unstoppable political machine.

Created by the Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation, they show step-by-step how this group, along with many others, will transform illegal immigrants into voting machines for their agenda.

They intend to recruit, train and turn loose an army of “volunteers” who will identify, educate and mobilize as many illegals as possible,

A slide titled “Path To Power” breaks down the number of illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, naturalized citizens and citizens with foreign-born parents, and the percentage of each eligible for citizenship or who qualify for benefits under Obama’s executive orders.

They are not shy about the ultimate goal of Obama’s amnesty:

Another slide outlines the plan for navigators to organize, rally and educate legal and illegal immigrants, and to help them with legal advice, so that “millions gain relief,” “orgs gain capacity,” and “leaders are empowered.”

This is a widespread operation, funded by organizations which are not primarily concerned with illegal immigration.

More than 20 organizations are part of the coalition, including the AFL-CIO, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, SEIU, the American Bar Association Commission on Immigration, and Center for Migration Studies.

Their goal is to “maximize the successful adjustment of status of eligible immigrants through legislation or executive action.”

I wonder if the laborers who are forced to subsidize the AFL-CIO know a portion of their dues are going to illegals who will be competing for thier jobs or if lawyers know the Bar Association is openly assisting known criminals.