Hispanic foreigners to hold 75% of new American jobs by 2020

Breitbart — A new study finds that Hispanic foreigners, both legal and illegal, will account for a large portion of future job growth, taking perhaps as many as 75 percent of the jobs created by 2020.

It’s expected that the Hispanic population present in the U.S. will enjoy 2.6 percent growth per year over the next 20 years, thanks in part to the political phenomenon of encouraging overwhelming numbers of foreigners to settle in the U.S., along with birthright citizenship. That growth is juxtaposed by the declining population growth of the non-Hispanic population, including a sharply increasing retirement rate of the aging Baby Boomer generation that supported the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

“The Hispanic population is a younger and faster growing segment of the population, while trends in the non-Hispanic population are heavily influenced by the aging baby-boomer generation that is moving into retirement,” IHS said in a statement.

IHS warns that the conclusions could be affected by changes in immigration policy. Still, the U.S. Census also projects a large growth of the Latino population, thanks to uncontrolled immigration and automatic grants of citizenship to the offspring of aliens who entered the country illegally.

“Latinos will grow from 22 million in 2014 to over 29 million in 2034, and the foreign-born share of the Hispanic population will fall slowly over this period — from 39.7 percent to 34.8 percent,” Fox News reported.