Hillary Clinton hires illegal ‘Dreamer’

Continuing to peddle to Hispanic voters, Hillary Clinton has hired an illegal immigrant “Dreamer” to work on her presidential campaign:

Lorella Praeli is here under President Obama’s 2012 deportation amnesty for Dreamers, or young adult illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. As part of that amnesty, she has tentative legal status and a work permit, so it is legal to hire her — but she is still not in lawful presence.

Immigrant-right advocates cheered the move as historic, though they warned Mrs. Clinton not to use the symbolic hire as a token gesture.

“We congratulate Lorella for her new position as she has unquestionably demonstrated an ability to get the job done and commitment to the Dreamer and immigrant community,” said the Dream Action Coalition, run by Dreamers. “Nevertheless, we urge the Hilary campaign to allow her to continue the fight for our community she will be representing and not just be a spokesperson for campaign rhetoric.”

Ms. Praeli, who used to work at United We Dream, an advocacy group that organized the hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, will work on Latino outreach for Mrs. Clinton.

We wonder if Praeli is aware that legal Latino voters are more concerned about the economy and education than immigration reform.