Help Gadget Dan Obtain Justice

Patriot Fire
A prominent personal injury attorney in San Diego, named Benjamin Israel Siminou, shamefully and violently attacked an elderly, pro-American protester at the “Keeping Families Together” march on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at Waterfront Park near downtown San Diego. The protester, an Army veteran, goes by the handle “Gadget Dan”. Dan is, without doubt, one of the biggest supporters — if not the biggest – supporter of President Donald J. Trump in the Nation.

See the video below to see the attack about about 4:00 minutes. There is a gap in the video at this point, because I had my camera off, talking to a police detective, who wanted us to move to another location, because the profane crowd surrounding us was becoming very large and increasingly hostile. A long-time activist supporter of the Border Patrol and immigration-law enforcement. Dan was protesting alone in support of the “Zero Tolerance” policy and President Trump in the middle of well over a thousand rabid, foul-mouthed, intolerant, leftist, anti-American protesters. I was there just to take video (see below).

A complaint was originally filed by the Sheriff for felony, strong-arm robbery with the County DA. The complaint has been reduced to a misdemeanor and transferred to the City Attorney’s office. A few months ago, the far-left City Attorney, Mara Elliot, called Patriot Fire a “hate group”, because some of us merely wanted to fly an American flag in Chicano Park, a revolutionary, extremely anti-American public park.

Patriot Fire is just the domain name of my blog and the name used on Facebook and Youtube. It’s just one person, but she means all of us, who love America, support American sovereignty and support the rule of law and law enforcement. She called us again a “hate group” in this case. She said that any support would be “advancing the positions of a hate group”. So, we need an attorney to make sure justice is done. We have one available, who is willing to do the job for a $2,000 retainer.

$2,000 will pay for the initial fees, after that, probably it will be done on a percentage contingency basis. So, this money is probably all that will be needed to bring this arrogant attorney to justice, who attacked an elderly patriot with serious health issues close-up and in direct view of about a dozen law enforcement officers. Siminou thinks he is above the law and that no one can touch him. Our City Attorney, Mara Elliot, would love to let Siminou go with no charges or punishment at all, because she is a partisan, La Raza supporter and has politicized her office in an extreme way, exactly the opposite of what she promised in her campaign. By spreading lies about the case and not prosecuting this criminal attorney, Elliot is actually condoning violence even against the sick and elderly, who may not happen to support her extreme political views.


Local media outlets have largely suppressed news of this incident, only the San Diego Reader was courageous enough to publish an article. Probably the other media outlets have not said a word about it, because Mara Elliott also told them her “Big Lie” that serving justice in this egregious case of violent physical abuse of a senior citizen would help promote the goals of some “hate group” that does not even exist. Merely supporting the enforcement of the law is not “hate”.
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