——– Original Message ——–
Subject: WHAT!!!!!!
From: Richard Zemanek <richardzemanek0@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, November 05, 2018 2:01 pm
To: JimGilchrist@minutemanproject.com

Are you folks down in Texas “Nucking Futs”!!!!!????, arming yourselves and digging in to gun down these migrants. God Bless the “United Hates of Amnesia”. I think you paranoid, gun-happy, inbred, narcissists are in dire need of a brain scan. Oh. I forgot. One needs a brain first before it can be scanned. 

I’m writing from Canada, and I must tell you that your Donald Trump has been really entertaining in his never-ending gong show , whipping up you infidels into a delusional pack of killers. 
Have you lost all commonsense? Oh. I forgot. Once again, a person requires a brain in order to lose commonsense. Whose your advisers? The Three Stooges? Oh. Once again. I forgot, The Three Stooges have brains. 
There was a time when I felt compassion for the State of Texas experiencing some pretty horrific weather – droughts, then floods, then hurricanes. You people really suffered during those difficult times. But now that compassion has dissipated like a Texas fart in the wind after a chili chow-down.  
Good luck on your “hunting trip”. Just make sure when those trigger-happy fingers start twitching, don’t shoot your own people in the “trenches”. And be ever-mindful the folks “invading” your country are armed to the gunnels with rocks. “Very, very dangerous people”, as your supreme commander Donald Trump has warned many, many, many times. And lock up your wives and daughters. Remember, these migrants are killers and rapists, hell-bent-for-leather to raise chaos in Dodge City. 
So what’s your strategy? Pull the wagons in a circle and have a bingo? Ya gonna be on horses? Too bad John Wayne is no longer of this world. He could lead the charge. Then again, I think you folks would be in trouble. Responding to a “charge” requires brain matter to run in one direction. Lacking such brain power, no doubt you yahoos would be running around in circles, shooting each other, and asking: “Which way did John go. Which way did John go?”
You people are laughable. Unfortunately, you are also very, very dangerous. But nothing a frontal lobotomy couldn’t fix. Oh damn. I forgot again. In order for a frontal lobotomy to work, one requires a brain.