Florida refuses to purge illegal aliens from voter rolls

Illegal aliens can still vote in Florida thanks to a ridiculous ruling from a federal court and the inaction of the Governor and Attorney General of the state of Florida.

It all stems from a lawsuit against Florida’s attempts to ensure non-citizens who are in this country illegally aren’t allowed to vote.

Liberal activists in Florida challenged a Sunshine State program that would have removed illegal immigrants from the voter rolls. The Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a 2-to-1 decision that the timing of Florida’s efforts to remove noncitizen voters violated federal law because it took place too close to the 2012 presidential election.

“That is a terrible interpretation of the law,” Fitton said Tuesday. “The Florida state government hasn’t appealed this as it should have in our view to the Supreme Court, asking them to review that lower court ruling.”

It doesn’t seem to be all that difficult . . . if you are in this country illegally and are clearly not a citizen then it should not matter one bit when you are removed from the voter rolls only that you are removed.

Florida’s governor needs to take this case to the Supreme Court where hopefully sanity will reign.