DHS To Release More Illegals

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced plans to release thousands of illegal aliens and make it easier for future illegals to abscond from immigration trials.

Johnson reacted to complaining from pro-illegal immigration supporters who claim housing illegals awaiting asylum tribunals amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.

Johnson said he has approved and accepted a new plan offered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Sarah Saldaña and her staff to offer release on monetary bond to illegal immigrant family unites who state a credible fear of persecution in their home countries.


The criteria for the bond amount, Johnson said, would take “into account ability to pay, while also encompassing risk of flight and public safety.”


However, a report issued earlier this week showed that 84% of illegals released from custody never show up to hearings.  Letting illegals go and making their bond lower will drive this figure even higher as most illegals would rather take their chances with non-existent interior enforcement than go through the proper legal channels.

“U.S. asylum standards are perhaps the most lax on earth, they’re wildly abused, and they pose a massive national security risk that has and will come home to roost,” a GOP aide noted to Breitbart News. “Our asylum standards have already tragically cost American lives.  Americans know we need to be tightening them, not loosening them.”


Indeed, as Fox News’ recent report revealed few are even appear in in court for the continued processing of their asylum claims, disappearing into the nation’s fabric where current immigration enforcement efforts will likely not apprehend them again.