America, Prepare For War.

Dear Americans, Minutemen, and Minutewomen,

Three weeks ago, I fired and deleted both Facebook and Twitter for despicable conduct unbecoming of a true American.

Their crime: Blatant violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, namely, deliberate censorship and oppression of the right to freedom of assembly and speech.

All my life I have thought that free speech is an “inalienable” right that no person or entity can take away from us. Apparently, that concept is “old school” thought.

Contemporary fascist wisdom has replaced old school thought with a new interpretation of our nation’s Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Free speech is now guaranteed only to the fascists who own, or control, our nation’s media conglomerates. Essentially, free speech belongs to the meanest thugs wielding the biggest clubs. All others step aside…and shut up.

The world is earnestly waiting for President Donald Trump to either sponsor or establish a competitive social media platform open to free speech, without the truly Nazi-like oppression we have experienced with outright hostile and bigoted organizations like Facebook, Twitter, and similar First Amendment mutants.

I will be one of the first to sign on to a Trump-sponsored media platform, which will certainly lure over one hundred million American subscribers on day-one of its launching. After foreign subscribers jump in, Trump’s platform will be a social network that could eventually dwarf his fascist competition.

Minutemen and Women, stand your ground! By the powers vested in us by our Founding Fathers, we have an irrevocable right to peaceful assembly and speech.

If it’s a war our political governors and their social media allies want, then we will fight them with the First Amendment and within the rule of law. And we will not quit!

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
(former newspaper reporter, 1970-1973)