Commentary by Jim Gilchrist:

Dear America,
It is important that Attorney General Jeff Sessions begin the prosecution of at least one mayor in a self-declared so-called sanctuary city, and at least one governor in a self-declared so-called sanctuary state.

These rogues…these charlatans of political office, are as arrogant and defiant as the leaders of the deep south who created the Confederate States of America (CSA) and launched a civil war…simply because they wanted the slave trade to be a routine way of life in the USA, in reckless disregard for anti-slavery laws.

Today’s pro-sanctuary fanatics want a similar kind of selfish misinterpretation of the rule of law.

It is high time the rules of law protecting the citizenry from these seditionist sociopaths were actually executed by the Dept. of Justice.

Fellow Americans, let the prosecutions begin! Contact your congressperson and senator.