Commentary by Jim Gilchrist

Dear Readers,
I recall when I was constantly challenged about my claims that millions of illegal aliens were entering the United States annually.
“What proof do you have of that,” the media would ask, in defiant denial of any illegal alien invasion into the USA.
I bet some of these media nitwits also doubt that terrorists hijacked and used airplanes as bombs on 9/11.
No wonder the public gives no credence to the veracity of the media.  If it were not for FOX news networks we would get no credible news at all.
If the Trump Administration would launch a thorough investigation into voter fraud, I can assure you that the results would be jaw-dropping.
The reason Democrats, and their news media allies, do not want such an investigation is because it would certainly prove up what many of us have been saying for decades:  blatant voter fraud exists, and it will not get fixed until officials in federal and state governments actually do something to stop the mindless disregard for our rule of law.