Commentary by Jim Gilchrist

Finally!  A President we can believe and trust.
Now that’s uncommon valor in an era where swamp-dwelling, lying and cowardly politicians are a common trait in the Beltway (aka swamp).
I was right to be one of the first to endorse President Trump for president, and I am right that he is the only person for the job who will actually bring the United States of America back under the rule of law.
The Department of Justice has the authority to indict and prosecute rebel mayors and other political governors who blatantly refuse to follow established rules of law.  Federal Attorney General Jeff Sessions should begin those prosecutions immediately if we are to preserve the Union of the United States of America.
The alternative would be to let a handful of cities and states create a Confederacy.  And we all know how the last Confederacy turned out back in 1861 through 1865.
I support the Union, and justice for all.  May the pro-slavery, pro-illegal alien invasion Democrats be damned.