Commentary by Jim Gilchrist


Dear Americans,
I have repeatedly warned these ANTIFA (Anti-First Amendment) thugs that Minutemen and Minutewomen are covertly operating throughout the country, including on college campuses.  Some of these volunteers are students themselves.  🙂
I thought a warning to a prospective thug that “people are watching” and filming would be enough to bring them to their senses and see the evil they represent, and deter them from criminal actions.
However, I neglected to consider that the ANTIFA crowd is populated with some incurable haters and bigots who are just TOO STUPID to think that their violent actions are evil.
I think this clown will be going to state prison for a while.  Well deserved.  No mercy from me.
Free speech and assembly for ALL, folks!  Stand your ground!
Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project