Commentary by Jim Gilchrist

“First, you destroy statues that tell a story, like a book does. Then, you destroy any books that might tell the same story. Finally, you destroy Democracy.”

Dear Americans,

There is little doubt that there is a concerted effort among scared, cowardly, and downright anarchist politicians to replace the white Anglo Saxon (aka WASP) population of the USA with people of non-white color, and who have different value systems and cultures than the WASPs.

Fascism and racism comes from every race, color, and creed. What the USA is experiencing is an environment where the traditional WASP culture and population is being targeted for submission to the anarchist illegal alien population, which has incrementally taken over the USA in a gradual, but steady, course over the past five decades.

The late President Lyndon Johnson (D), and Ma. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) were the masterminds of this usurpation of traditional America when they dismantled U.S. immigration laws as part of a plan to lure tens of millions of prospective Democrat voters into the country.
Such ploy was meant to guarantee that the Democrat Party would eventually hold every political office, judicial judgeship, and teaching position in the country for infinity.

What the errant and selfish politicians who did this to us did not foresee is a neglected electorate that does not take kindly to being hoodwinked and ignored as if they were of no importance. Ergo, President Trump, Republican House, Republican Senate, and many state Republicans replacing Democrats in state elections.

The Democrats, and their insolent Republican sympathizers who have created this mess deserve no sympathy from the electorate. Vote them ALL out of office. And then “stand your ground,” Americans, for a country governed by the rules of law, not by “mob rule;” that mob being the tens of millions of illegal aliens currently occupying US territory in blatant defiance of the law.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
-a multiethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group-