Classified Report Says Islamic Radicals Crossing Southern Border

In a report media outlets were “not authorized to possess or post the law enforcement sensitive document” the Texas Department of Public Safety cataloged numerous instances where Border Patrol agents nabbed known members of Islamic terror organizations crossing the Southern Border.

In a report to Texas elected officials, the state Department of Public Safety says border security agencies have arrested several Somali immigrants crossing the southern border who are known members of al-Shabab, the terrorist group that launched a deadly attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, and Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya, another Somalia-based group once funded by Osama bin Laden. Another undocumented immigrant arrested crossing the border was on multiple U.S. terrorism watch lists, the report says.

Aside from the known terrorist nabbed crossing the border, law enforcement officials acknowledge the dangers to national security posed by Obama’s porous border policies:

“It is important to note that an unsecure border is a vulnerability that can be exploited by criminals of all kinds,” Vinger said. “And it would be naive to rule out the possibility that any criminal organizations around the world, including terrorists, would not look for opportunities to take advantage of security gaps along our country’s international border.”

Nearly as worrying as the Islamic terrorist making their way into America is the influx of Mexican drug cartel violence shifting northward across the practically undefended border.

Those cartels have sent assassins as far north as the Dallas-Fort Worth area to commit murders, and the drug trade is thriving. The cartels are also branching into sex trafficking, which can present a lower risk and yield a higher profit than the drug trade, the report says. Law enforcement officials have uncovered major trafficking rings operating in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and several east coast cities.

Apparently, the pro-illegal immigration lobby is so hungry for cheap labor and new voters that they are willing to put American lives at risk and not slam the Southern Border shut.