CA Dems Open Taxpayer Pockets to Illegals

California legislators stand ready to divert millions of taxpayer dollars directly into the pockets of millions of illegal aliens.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon announced a package of ten bills to subsidize illegal immigrants and punish California businesses who “discriminate” against immigration scofflaws.

The 10 pieces of legislation would offer state-subsidized health care coverage to the undocumented poor, make it illegal for businesses to discriminate against customers based on their immigration status or the language they speak, and make it harder for federal authorities to deport immigrants living here illegally.

GOP response was tepid at best claiming they would love to hand out goodies to illegals but the state just doesn’t have the money.

Senate Republican leader Bob Huff said that while he agrees that immigration reform is necessary, it is not feasible to try to address the lack of federal action on the matter at the local level.

“We understand the burdens facing immigrants who want to go to work and raise their families in safe neighborhoods, and the rationale behind these bills is admirable,” Huff said in a statement quoted by the Times.  “But without money from Congress and President Obama, it will be very difficult and costly for California taxpayers to fund all of these bill proposals.”

Of course, the proponents of this legislation have no idea how much they are tapping from taxpayers for their handouts.

Analyses on how much each bill would cost taxpayers have not yet been completed and may not be for another few weeks. But de León said he expects his colleagues to keep costs down and shape the measures in a way that “minimizes and avoids pressure on the general fund.”

Other proposals included in the package would create an Office of New Americans to help guide immigrants through bureaucratic mazes, strengthen protections for immigrant workers, help immigrant victims of crime apply for special federal visas, and block disclosure of immigrant children’s records to federal authorities.

Basically, California wants to go from making it a crime to hire an illegal to making it a crime NOT to hire an illegal. A simpler solution for California businesses now forced to hire illegals and pay massive taxes to fund them is simply to leave the state as soon as possible.