AZ Sheriff Says Obama Should be Held Liable for Illegals Crimes

Congressional candidate and Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeu blasted President Obama over his negligence regarding allowing illegal alien criminals to run free in the streets of the United States.paul babeu

Babeu said, “Barack Obama, Charles, has led the largest prison break in American history. 67,000 prisoners, these are criminal illegals that have been released onto our streets in America. And instead of visiting the prison to talk about how harsh we are with these prisoners, why doesn’t he meet with…just one of [the parents of children killed by illegal immigrants], and hear their voice and their pain, American citizens, instead trying to stand up for these illegals and stand up criminals and quote their rights, it’s outrageous.”

He added that illegal immigrants who are released will not be supervised, and “last year alone, 193 convicted murderers, who by the way, are not from America, were released into our communities, one of which, a Russian right in my community, in Pinal County, Arizona, who had stabbed a criminal informant, poured gasoline on him, lit him on fire while he was still alive to kill him, and they just released him, instead of sending him back to Russia, and the lame excuse we get from the Obama administration is, well, we didn’t have proper travel documents. This is insane, these guys should be criminally responsible for all these crimes that are committed against our citizens, because they knowingly release them to our communities.”

Obama thinks a gun maker should be held liable when a nutjob uses a gun to commit a crime. Yet he feels no shame or remorse for the thousands of Americans who have suffered as a direct result of his coddling of illegal alien criminals.

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