Attorney General Loretta Lynch to defend Obama’s amnesty

Politico — Attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch plans to tell senators that she doesn’t believe President Barack Obama has blanket power to grant “amnesty” to undocumented immigrants, but she’ll argue that the president’s sweeping moves on the issue have stayed within the bounds of the Constitution.

As her confirmation hearings begin Wednesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lynch will aim for a balancing act with Republicans who hope to derail her nomination by seizing on her views about immigration and Obama’s use of executive power, according to a person involved in her preparations.

Lynch, 55, will not be drawn into “political back-and-forth on issues” such as immigration and will “calmly and dispassionately emphasize her record as an independent, career prosecutor,” the person said. While she will support Obama’s legal rationale for his actions on immigration, she will express caution about going too far, the source said — and she’ll contend that the president’s latest unilateral steps don’t amount to “amnesty.”

She also will tell the panel that the Constitution will be her “lodestar” in determining the legality of the president’s actions, the source said.

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