Ann Coulter SCORCHES the GOP Establishment on Immigration

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter is well known as a firebrand when it comes to talking about illegal immigration.  Her latest column is no exception as it lays into the GOP Establishment which is selling out its base and then wondering why that base turns to leaders like Trump.Ann_Coulter_by_Gage_Skidmore_3

Most alarmingly, Trump brought up immigration. The Democrats thought they had this one in the bag — they’d worked it all out with Republicans! Both sides had agreed: I won’t talk about it if you won’t.

The decision has already been made: We aren’t going to ask the American people what they think. We’re just going to do this because we think we’re right, and at a certain point it will be impossible to reverse, because Republicans will never be able to win another national election.

The transformation of our country has been a deliberate, methodical process, carefully hidden from the public.

Until Trump started talking about immigration, most Americans had no idea that immigrants take more government assistance than natives, that we are allowing nearly half a million anchor babies a year to force their way into citizenship and a lifetime of welfare, and that we’re bringing in rapists, murderers and terrorists.

Immigration is an easy argument to win. But if you talk about it, the media will cut your mike.

Once the Democrats get the voters they want through immigration, they will be like kids in a candy store. What will they do first? Ban private ownership of guns? Strip Christian churches of their tax exemptions for being “homophobic”? Release criminals from prison? Imprison the police? It will be the LBJ and Carter administrations rolled into one for all time, without end.

All the debates we have now on talk radio and cable news will be completely irrelevant. The most left-wing policies imaginable will be enacted, with no opposition — as they are today in California.

No state has suffered more from unlimited immigration than California.  And it’s absolutely true that this deluge of immigration has totally changed the political makeup of the Golden State.